Projects Designed and Developed in Paytm

User Onboarding Module

Backend for user onboarding module which manages user journey from sign-in to first purchase for Equity Product for Paytm Money. It is also the source of truth for the Investment readiness of users.
This module can handle peak QPS ~ 500 and on average more than 2 Lakhs hit during trading hours. Also integrated with the third-party systems for lead generation for Paytmmoney’s products.

Tech Stack Used: Java, Spring Boot, Rest APIs, MySql, Redis, Kafka

Communication module

Communication Service, used across teams to send customers email, SMS and push notifications. High traffic system, with 2 million hits per day. It is a channel-based system with the further bifurcation of channels based on the priority of notifications, whether it is promotional or transactional. It also takes care of the customer preference for notification mode.

Integrated with Firebase and Apple Push Notification Apis for push notifications and Sendgrid for email and SMS notifications.

Tech Stack Used: Java, Spring Boot, Rest APIs, MySql, Redis, Kafka, HTML

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